Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Toronto Election Watch - 1

With the Super Weekend gone, it is time to focus on the upcoming municipal elections. As far as Toronto is concerned, I am going to vote for the candidate that will solve (or attempt to solve) our no. 1 problem - traffic.

Right now the big idea promoted is dismantling the Gardner (east of Spadina) and building a Front Street extension (similar to four lane University Ave.), as if University Ave. is such a high speed expressway.

Traffic on southbound University Ave., 5.10 pm

So far both the primary candidates (Miller and Pitfield) have decided to focus on crime as their main issue - whereas statistics show crime is down in the city. I hope the community takes them to task on the issue of gridlock - we need to increase the outdated TTC subway system and upload the cost to the province.

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Jason Bo Green said...

First off, forget about updating the subway - the priority right now is to hang Mel Lastman for the Sheppard line. Only when that's done can this city move forward into new transit.

(Obviously, I jest. But only sort of)

Mezba, I'm pretty much going to go by the polls (which I never have done before) and vote for whoever has the best shot at taking out Miller on E-Day. I supported him and voted for him - I'm done with him, what a disappointment.

That's just me, of course.