Friday, October 16, 2015

Why I am endorsing the NDP for the 2015 Elections

There are two things you should look at when you select anyone for a job.

One. If he or she has the qualifications and strength necessary for the job.

Two. The person be an honourable man or woman of integrity who can be trusted.

Tom Mulcair of the NDP has been a successful cabinet minister in the government of Quebec, and the leader of the Opposition for the last five years. He has over thirty five years of experience in government, and can draw on the experience of the NDP in provincial governments around the country. Clearly he can do the job, and do it well.

However, it can be argued that so can the others. Stephen Harper of the Conservatives has been a Prime Minister for the last ten years (his job and economic record can be debated) and Justin Trudeau, despite the "Not Ready" campaign, can draw on the experience of his vastly qualified slew of candidates in cabinet.

Where Tom Mulcair triumphs the others is with his integrity, honesty and trustworthiness. He is a man of principles who stands by his principles when he is convinced he is correct, regardless of how unpopular his stance may be or the political cost. This is in sharp contrast to the Liberals, who will say anything to get elected, throw their principles out of the window if they are against the political climate and the Conservatives, whose principles are actually to divide the country and set Canadians against each other to win votes.

Mulcair didn't need to support a woman's right to dress as she please - he knew it was going to cost him votes in Quebec. Mulcair didn't need to oppose Bill C51 - it was a hugely popular bill at the time. Yet in both those cases, he made the correct decision despite the short term cost, and history will vindicate that he was on the right side in the long term.

This is a leader, the only leader, who has the support of the First Nations, who has reached out to communities across the country without patronizing them, who has supported the minorities and the less privileged of the society when it wasn't fashionable to do so. He has been opposed to the Conservative agenda from day one and when he says something - you can be sure it's because he believes in it himself, and not because it will get him some votes.

On this election, forget strategic voting. Polls in Canada have been consistently wrong since 2008 elections. Vote for your conscience. Vote for the only party that cares about you.

Vote NDP.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

elexn42: Harper's Economic Policies

So I am definitely not pro-Harper. I am almost certain I will vote NDP. I want the Conservatives to be dethroned from power in Canada. Despite all of this, I have to say Harper probably has the better economic suggestions so far.

- Can't really blame Harper for the economy; this is a global catastrophe and Canada is a smallish player. Look at Ontario: it's in terrible condition and it's all Liberal governments there.

- Harper is blamed from deficit budgets when it was forced on him initially by a minority government where the Liberals and NDP had the balance of power.

- Harper isn't really adding any permanent spending (obligations) on the Canadian government unlike the NDP with their childcare plan (good intentions, but it would be a disaster to run).

- My taxes have actually gone down under Harper and benefits gone up.

- Harper's proposal to limit foreign ownership of property (especially Chinese ownership) is long overdue (question: why hasn't he done it in 5 years as a majority power?).

- Liberal plans to increase taxes on wealthy but not corporate taxes is pretty stupid when it's proven that raising corporate taxes forces them to spend the money on employees and equipment.

Where Harper definitely deserves to go is on fields more important than economy. He has downgraded the democracy and the openness of Canadian society, increased divisions and apathy, changed our long standing foreign policy and increased the reach of government in our private lives.