Friday, February 03, 2012

On the Sun - "We can fake this" - News Scandal

So I decided to head over to Blogging Tories to see how the Cons would try and spin the "fake reaffirmation ceremony" that their beloved Sun News tried to pull off. In today's Star, Mallick has a great article on why this is a mockery of our democracy. So let's see how the Tories respond.

The first post I checked calls for Heritage Minister James Moore to quit, because "he is fair minded" and corrects "Sun News when they allege the CBC is a state broadcaster, reminding them CBC is arms-length".

Wow, so if a minister is actually telling the truth, that's a firing offense in the Cons world. Well the author's blog is called "Blue Like You" (it should really be called "Blue Like 40% of You", as that's how many of us voted Cons - the rest chose other options). So, to recap, a Con minister should keep silent and defer to Great Leader Harper, or else lie.

Meanwhile, one BC blogger ("BC Blue") thinks this is actually Canadian Press (CP)'s fault!

Sun News found out this morning just how despised they are by all the other Canadian journos for not going along with the insider game currently being played.

Um, yeah, as a journalist you don't play insider games with the government - you hold them to account! Somehow the people at Sun - "We can fake this" - News didn't get the memo. And who do the Cons blame? Why, once more the person, or organization, that has pointed out the truth.

Guess when they were parroting their "Accountability Act" they meant it applying only to other people.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Reasons Why Canada's Immigration System is Broken

1. When we immigrated there seemed to be a value to speaking either English or French before you immigrated to Canada.

Now it seems there's lots of immigrants here who not only can NOT speaking either of those languages, but have no desire to learn.

Example: If you go to a No Frills in Scarborough, Ontario, for example, the lady behind the fish counter has no idea how to speak English. Ask her a question, she doesn't know how to respond, and will call someone else who also speaks very limited English. You point to the fish, say "small or large pieces" and they cut it for you. And this type of customer experience is now becoming widespread in parts of Toronto.

2. It used to be multiculturalism. Now it's being dominated by a few immigrant groups.

Canada used to be a magnet for immigrants from across the world. Yet now, attend a citizenship ceremony in Toronto, and it's dominated by immigrants from one or two ethnicities. And not only that, these groups seem to go out of their way to not mix with other groups.

Example: You will never see a non-desi working in a desi store, or a non-Chinese worker at a Chinese store. Why?

3. Immigrants are being denied work opportunities and discriminated against daily.

I don't need to link to studies or research here to prove what every immigrant knows is a fact of life.

Why is an engineer serving fast food?

Why is a doctor driving a taxi?

Why is an MBA cleaning rooms?

Canada imports qualified immigrants to do cheap labour, thus robbing the developing countries of their talent pool, while wasting them here. The Canadian boards that govern doctors, engineers, and other "licensed" boards make immigrants run around circles for years in a desperate quest to do what they are adequately trained to do.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Why Rana Sarkar Lost Scarborough Rouge-River

When stalwarts like Yasmin Ratansi can lost in Don Valley East, no Liberal riding was safe in the GTA. Yet, Scarborough Rouge-River was one riding Liberals could have held on. Instead, the Liberal candidate Rana Sarkar lost to NDP's Rathika Sitsabaiesan (18,856 votes and 40.5 per cent support). In fact, he came third, with Conservative Marlene Gallyot placing second (source: The Star).

Having grown up there, and knowing many of the families through sports and recreational meets, here's why I think the Liberals lost.

1. Well known and liked MP Derek Lee was standing down, so there was no incumbency factor.

2. Rana Sarkar was relatively unknown; in fact I am told he lives downtown (so was not even a resident of the area). Rathika Sitsabaiesan was someone who lives in the area and was involved in activism (she was involved in the University of Toronto student council).

3. Rana Sarkar was an Indian-Candian in a riding that has a huge Tamil population. In fact, I felt someone else, preferably a Tamil candidate, should have taken Derek Lee's position. My choice would have been Shamoon Poonawala, someone close to Derek Lee's campaign, and also a Tamil. In fact, I was surprised Neethan Shan, who ran a credible municipal candidate, was also not tapped (even though he leans NDP).

Lesson for the Liberals - local candidates matter.

From a Voter - Why the Liberals Lost

I had a hard time voting for the Liberal party this election. And I live in one of Scarborough's most ethnic communities in the GTA, full of immigrants, Muslims and (former) Liberal supporters. And yet, our riding went Conservative. Here's my take on why the Liberal party has been decimated in their stronghold of Toronto.

1. A "Just Visiting" Leader

A lot of us don't like Michael Ignatieff. And that's us Liberals; forget those who just know him from "Just Visiting" ads. The guy stays out of the country for 30 years, and then comes back and immediately wants to be Prime Minister? What does he even KNOW of the average Canadian? Hell, he even supported the Iraq war!

2. A Shift to the Right

The Liberal party was supposed to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. What happened?

The Liberal party was supposed to oppose corporate tax rate reductions. What happened?

The Liberal party was supposed to be against deficit spending. What happened?

The Liberal party used to have a balanced position in world conflicts. What happened?

When the voters cannot see a difference between Liberals and Conservatives, those on the right will vote for the real right party i.e. Conservatives. And those on the left will support the NDP, which is what happened. I have said long ago that Liberals need to be more left than right.

3. The Economy is Pretty Bad

Really. People are worried about their jobs, or how they will pay the next bill. And along comes the Liberals promising $4000 in tuition to students, cap and trade, telling people to "Rise Up" (for what?) and so on. What about their MAIN CONCERN?

As a Blue Grit, I would have LOVED to see my taxes go down. The Liberals should have borrowed Paul Martin's playbook and promised a reduction in income taxes. Liberals need to concentrate on the basics.

4. McGuinty Or, as I call him, Mc Guilty

You can blame Harper for the G20 all you want, we who live in Toronto know that the real villains were Mc Guinty and his secret law, and the powers he gave to a police force that seems to have abused it. And which party is Mc Guinty again? Oh, yes - the Liberals. And that's not even getting into the HST.

5. Taking Immigrants and the GTA for granted

What was the last thing the Liberals did for us immigrants? It let us in. And that was it.

For years, I have been crying out about jobs and credential recognition for immigrants, while the Liberals seem happy to just let in immigrants to work as pizza delivery men or window washers or taxi drivers. Stephane Dion told me during an interview on how he planned to tackle this, but nothing was proposed by the Liberals in the last 4 years. Instead, it was Harper who was seen to be moving on this agenda.

Only time will tell how the Tories will reward Toronto and Rob Ford for their support, but at the moment, Harper is right when he mentions about the money he had spent in Toronto (Union Station, Spadina subway extension, and yes, G20).

Friday, January 22, 2010

Rocco Rossi - FAIL!

I have not made an in-depth analysis of Rocco Rossi's proposals yet. But anyone who targets to stop Transit City, which is Miller's only worthwhile initiative that I can fight for, is a FAIL! candidate.

Anyone who wants to stop Transit City is not fit to be mayor of Toronto.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Perhaps they care after all

The Prime Minister thought Canadians wouldn't care when he prorogued Parliament.

Slightly left-wing Toronto radio host John Moore agreed.

I also had asked whether Canadians truly cared.

However, latest numbers show the Tories are tied with the Liberals in support.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government has paid a large price in popularity for shutting down Parliament, with his Conservatives effectively tied with Liberals in a new poll by The Strategic Counsel.

Conservatives are at 31 per cent, compared to 30 per cent for Liberals, in the poll conducted by Strategic Counsel late last week, as controversy was starting to build over Harper's prorogation of Parliament until March 3.

That's the lowest the Conservatives have been since last June in Strategic Counsel polling.

"Proroguing of Parliament has hurt the Tory brand," said Tim Woolstencroft, the managing partner at Strategic Counsel, who believes that Harper's Conservatives must be seeing the same kind of numbers, because the government has appeared to be in a defensive posture all week. "I think the government is worried about it," Woolstencroft said.
When the Liberals, without laying out alternative policies, with a leader still not broadly popular, with only Facebook numbers for comfort, can be tied with the Cons, perhaps the reports of their death had been highly exaggerated after all.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Harper going (pro)rogue

In a great piece of investigative journalism the Toronto Star has found that majority of Canadians oppose Harper suspending parliament.

What to me would have been a more illustrative question would have been "Do you care?".

We will have the Olympics, then Parliament will resume and come election time, no one will remember this incident. That's why these polls mean nothing.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Opposition "Outraged" At Prorogue

Er... except that Michael Ignatieff is somewhere in Europe and Layton is surfing in Belize.