Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Letters Accuses Harper of Racism

A letter signed by 185 groups and individuals charges that Harper is anti-Muslim.
Harper government anti-Muslim, letter charges.
Signed by Muslim and non-Muslim lawyers, academics, and public policy commentators, the letter says Harper's silence and inaction on Khadr's case is much different than his approach to other cases, and suggests it is motivated by a lack of regard for Muslim Canadians.
I think this letter is deserving of comment, and I have to say I agree with the central charge of this letter. This is a serious allegation and for the first time in recent times the government of Canada has been accused of racism.

I have no sympathies with the Khadr family and I wish the US soldiers who captured him had put a bullet right and prevented us from dealing with this saga. However, he has been captured alive and it is Canada's duty to see justice prevails.

If he is guilty, punish him. If he is innocent, bring him home. To have him remain in limbo is not justice, and the "new" government of Canada has dragged its heels.

On the flip side, I am surprised the help provided to Lebanese-Canadians during the Israel attack on Lebanon in 2006 is not mentioned by the letter.