Friday, February 03, 2012

On the Sun - "We can fake this" - News Scandal

So I decided to head over to Blogging Tories to see how the Cons would try and spin the "fake reaffirmation ceremony" that their beloved Sun News tried to pull off. In today's Star, Mallick has a great article on why this is a mockery of our democracy. So let's see how the Tories respond.

The first post I checked calls for Heritage Minister James Moore to quit, because "he is fair minded" and corrects "Sun News when they allege the CBC is a state broadcaster, reminding them CBC is arms-length".

Wow, so if a minister is actually telling the truth, that's a firing offense in the Cons world. Well the author's blog is called "Blue Like You" (it should really be called "Blue Like 40% of You", as that's how many of us voted Cons - the rest chose other options). So, to recap, a Con minister should keep silent and defer to Great Leader Harper, or else lie.

Meanwhile, one BC blogger ("BC Blue") thinks this is actually Canadian Press (CP)'s fault!

Sun News found out this morning just how despised they are by all the other Canadian journos for not going along with the insider game currently being played.

Um, yeah, as a journalist you don't play insider games with the government - you hold them to account! Somehow the people at Sun - "We can fake this" - News didn't get the memo. And who do the Cons blame? Why, once more the person, or organization, that has pointed out the truth.

Guess when they were parroting their "Accountability Act" they meant it applying only to other people.