Tuesday, May 27, 2014

John Tory's Transit Plan

I just read through John Tory's massive and comprehensive One Toronto transit plan that can be found at http://onetorontotransit.ca/ . Here's my take on it.

1) It is completely aligned with the Liberal and NDP election platforms and Metrolinx plans, so there would not be any fight for changes.
2) It tackles problems that other candidates never talk about, such as people living in cities next to Toronto, and about people who currently have no option BUT to drive.
3) It is comprehensive and not just downtown centric. Scarborough folks have a lot to be happy about.

4) It is far more detailed and shows Tory has spent time thinking about all angles, as opposed to Olivia "Just Have More Buses" Chow.

1) It depends on the province and Metrolinx to follow through on their plans without any cutbacks. Ya, that's happening.
2) It depends too much on Go Transit being cooperative, as Tory would use their tracks. Ya, right.
3) Biggest Flip-flop Ever on "downtown relief line" being his "number one priority".

Overall, it is good to see a candidate release a thorough and thought-out transit solution, rather than the Band-Aid solutions being offered by other candidates.