Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Brown Man Fighting A Court Discrimination Case

My friend Liya's uncle is fighting a discrimination case today. Please head over there and give her your support.

This shit really pisses me off, especially after the Vancouver airport taser event.

And what pisses me off even more is the attitude of some people who then go "oh our police/security can do no wrong the guy must have deserved it, they get a lot of shit for doing their job".

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Probably The Sunshine Girl

Don't the New Democrats have anything better to do?
Conservative MP James Moore is the subject of a complaint that he's been checking out "scantily clad" women on his laptop computer in Parliament.A female New Democrat MP rose in the House of Commons today to complain that she saw Moore with a racy image on his computer screen while at his seat in the parliamentary chamber.[Star]
Then again, probably Harper was giving a speech in which case, time well spent Mr Moore.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Too Bad He's Not A White Blond Female

It's time we took gun crimes seriously.

Yesterday 16-year-old Keyon Campbell was shot down on his driveway as he attempted to start his mom's car [Star]. Police think it's a case of mistaken identity - Campbell's a smart, student, employed, an avid basketball player, did not have a problem with the law and even starred in a short documentary as a boy on the right track - in short, all strikes against the negative stereotype of a young black man.

And he was shot down in cold blood in front of his house.

Police are of course clamoring to solve the case, but it's time gun crime is taken more seriously at higher levels.

When the Harper government came to power I thought finally we would have someone with the balls to do something about gun crime. Let's face it, Paul Martin's good-for-nothing plan to ban guns that were already banned was an act of desperation.

Yet now, nothing seems to have worked, in fact Toronto is on course to break it's 1991 record of 89 homicides, mostly with guns. School fights are now not settled with a punch-up but a shoot-out. What sort of society is this?

I don't think Campbell's death will strike much into public consciousness. Another black kid shot, most will think, besides he wasn't shopping downtown on Boxing Day and where's his dad? Those were what I thought as I read that story.

But his death DESERVES to be in the public conscious. It SHOULD spearhead an effort to cut down the illegal guns brought in from the States. And it SHOULD result in demands for greater punishment against perpetrators of gun violence on our streets.