Friday, October 06, 2006

Jack Straw's Veil Comments

I wasn't originally going to post anything on this issue on this blog as it's not a Canadian issue; however a couple of the Blogging Tories (the usual suspects) have raised this topic as their latest excuse for Muslim bashing comments, perhaps as a distraction from the soldier's pay cut issue. My comments on Jack Straw's statements are on my personal blog.

As an aside, I fail to see where most of the supposed outrage in the Muslim community is coming from. For example, during the Pope fiasco, the media focused on this group in Bangladesh, Khatme-Nobi Andolon, that protested and led a march against the Pope. Number of people = 200. Number of people at a nearby political protest against the government = 10,000. They are a small group of fundamentalists - however they are more fun to interview.

If the media wants to know what the average western Muslim thinks, they should interview Western people like Sheikh Hamza Yusuf, Dr. Zakir Naik, Br. Tarik Ziad and so on, not zealots who crave attention.


knb said...

I would agree. Media is out of control, in that they are following the "scent". I'm not qute sure what happened to them, but it is becoming more and more obvious.

Perhaps, if we keep speaking out against this lazy journalism, here in blogs, writing newspapers, TV and radio, they will get the drift? I'm just not sure how else to stop the nonsense.

knb said...
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Vigilante said...

Is there a difference between hijabs on one hand and chadors, niqab or burqas on the otherhand? Or is it just a difference without significance?

mezba said...

Knb: They NEVER interview most of the moderates do they? A platform is given to the 3% who shout out the rest.

Vigilante: Islamically the simple headscarf is all that is required, plus that the dress should be loose and not transparent. That's what the west knows as hijab. The others are just cultural differences across the muslim world.