Friday, October 13, 2006

Gaza fishermen risk Israeli fire

Now This Is A War Crime in my book.
According to Mr Habeel, it did not issue any verbal warning, but opened fire first at the cables holding the nets - cutting them adrift.

Then he says the Israelis circled the unarmed fishermen spraying their craft with machine gun fire from no more than 20m away.

Mr Habeel says that one of the bullets hit Hani al-Najaar - ripping open the side of his head.

"I saw him killed," Mr Habeel says. "I couldn't bear it. God bless him."

Mr Najaar leaves two children.

I am against such policies of collective punishment by the State of Israel. Does it make me anti-semitic? I don't think so, as I don't grudge Israel's right to exist, however such policies need to be condemned by our Foreign Affairs minister and Prime Minister when they talk about Middle East issues.


Anonymous said...

We've got to stop watering down our statements against Israels barbaric acts with apologise and confessions about rights of defense.
This incident was savage, brutal and quite commonplace for Israeli troops. It should be condemned.

Anonymous said...

Does it make me anti-semitic?

Unfortunately, in the opinion of many Israel supporters, the answer is yes.

mezba said...

If the child of this fisherman, ten years later decides to attack an Israeli soldeir - they will cry 'oh why do they hate us'.

Israel needs to examine how its actions harm ordinary Gaza residents.