Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tories Worried About ...

Here's another story that some of the Blogging Tories don't want you to see. After all, it would destroy their nice little fantasy that we are out to violently take over the world.

For their kind information, the soup kitchen at Nugget Mosque serves over 600 people a day during some of the busiest weekends.

Whereas from the Blogging Tories we get post denouncing women's rights to clothe themselves as they see fit, 10 ways to fight Islamofacism (BTW wtf is Islamofacism), alleged persecution of Christians, and so on. Coupled ofcourse with a post on how the Court Challenges Program is not dead enough.

Stephane Dion said it best: "Liberals, we need to get back to power as soon as possible."


Tory@York said...

hmmm..a soup kitchen vs countless incidents of rocket attacks, suicide bombings, the wholesale desire to wipe Israel off the planet, the continuous preaching of jihad, violence and other such lovely things by muslim leaders, not to mention Sept. 11th. I seem to remember a statistic that 90 percent of wars occuring on the planet right now involve muslims. A Pew research poll done in Britain 3 months ago said 15% of muslims in that country support terrorism, and thats just the ones who openly admitted it. Doesnt look like such a "small group" of extremists to me. And a soup kitchen is the best example you can give? Your grasping at straws buddy.

mezba said...

And how many people are dead in Iraq as a result of the US invasion?

first, as usual you missed the point of the post - which was Muslims in Canada. BT has posts all the time about "Quebecistan" and how Islam will take over Canada - little fantasies that you boys can wank off while reality happens. As usual you rushed off to type a comment without thinking about the post.

Even taking into acount whatever you mentioned (rocket attacks in a war do not count as terrorist attacks btw), it IS a small number of people that do those activities out of 1.5 billion muslims in the world. Your kind is the one that will rush to blame black culture on the first shooting that involves a black criminal.

The fact remains the muslims in Canada are one of the lowest (percentage wise) to be involved in crime, take less social welfare than other groups, mroe likely to be university educated, contributing to the society and Canada and be law abiding citizens. Since you guys are the ones preaching otherwise, it is upto you to provide proof in numbers.

knb said...

Since you guys are the ones preaching otherwise, it is upto you to provide proof in numbers.

They cannot do that of course, their proof is based in hatred, not fact.

How have we come to this? Honestly, I never thought I'd see this in Canada.

Have you read jeff's (where'd that bug go?) blog? Who are these people?

To be filled with so much hatred, must be a miserable way to live.

I agree with your closing statement by Dion. Not because we are entitled, rather that those in power and their followers, now feel, they are entitled to bash and smash and slash. Take a look at the history of this country folks. The Lib's haven't always been great, but the con's have almost always increased the debt, then deficit, at the expense of what works here.

Segregation, poverty and isolation, all idea's you conservatives, (well not all con's) apparently condone, have created an incredibly horrible situation. The longer you are in government, the worse it will become, especially in your present form.

Tory@York said...

No, rocket attacks in war do not constitute terrorism, but rockets fired by terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah in peacetime toward civilians DO constitute terror attacks. Don't ignore facts. And I've given some pretty good numbers already. Why dont you show us this data that shows that muslims in Canada commit less crime, less social welfare etc. Since you brought up Black shootings, I wouldnt blame the community for one or a few incidents, but when the VAST majority of shootings in Toronto are committed by blacks then you have to admit that somethings not right. And I never personally attacked you, so have the courtesy to not launch personal attacks on me because my views differ from yours.

mezba said...

Knb: I am not surprised. Look at the discourse of the far right in Europe and you will see where this will be heading if not checked. I will take a look at jeff's post.

Tory@York: I think it's a bit rich to say you have never insulted me after labelling muslims as terrorists or terrorist appeasers. And the numbers I spoke? They were told to us by the Minister of Immigration of Ontario when he came to the Islamic Foundation last year to present an award to the organization for its work, and a cheque of $400,000 for relief work. and you blaming black culture just confirms what i said before, everyone from a minority culture is to blame when one of them commits a crime.

so far the tories have insulted (on Blogging Tories) aboriginals (re: Caledonia), Muslims (always), gays (on going). To live with so much hate - depressing.

Tory@York said...

I never said that everyone from a minority culture is to blame when one of them commits a crime, I said "I wouldnt blame the community for one or a few incidents, but when the VAST majority of shootings in Toronto are committed by blacks then you have to admit that somethings not right." Learn to read your comments section properly. And you can't argue with cold hard numbers when it comes to crime data

Anonymous said...


Hmm 90% of the wars involve Muslims eh?So let us take a good hard look at the facts

1 In Iraq, we have Muslims being slaughtered by coalition forces, most of whom hail from Christian countries, in a war srongly supported by the evangelical right.A war that was illegal and based on a bunch of lies.

2 Ditto in Afghanistan

3 In Chechnya, the freedom fighters are waging war against the tyrannical Russian army that has consistently indulged in acts of Genocide against the local population.

4 Lebanon is just recovering after having being brutally attacked by the murdering scum of the IDF.I guess targeting innocent civilians and bombing civilian areas to bits is the rules of cricket in your book.

5 The palestinian people continue to resist the occupation of the country by Israel.

6 Ethopia has illegally occupied a part of Somalia with the encouragement of the West.

Beginning to see a pattern here or are you too dense to comprehend?

Tory@York said...

"Lebanon is just recovering after having being brutally attacked by the murdering scum of the IDF"

Wow, your certainly not biased are you? Well despite your massive spin you actually proved my point. (With the exception of Iraq, a war that was unneccessary and I never agreed with)
Lets take a look at the conflicts you mentioned:

Afghanistan: Invaded because it was led by a radical Muslim government that harboured the muslim terrorists that destroyed the twin towers on Sept 11th. If muslim terrorists had not attacked the US than it would not have invaded. Or are you too dense to see that?
Chechnya: Radical muslim terrorists tring to create their own radical muslim state, rightfully being resisted by Russia. Forgotten the Beslan school massacre have we? Or do you just support the killing of children?
Lebanon: this ones too easy. Muslim terrorists of Hezbollah kidnapped Israeli soldiers, all the while indiscriminately firing rockets all over CIVILIAN targets in Israel. But I guess as long as their Israeli civilians, your ok with that right?
Palestinians: Hmm, lets see...A government led by radical muslim Hamas, whose mandate is to destroy Israel. Suicide bombings of crowded Cafes, buses, markets, killing hundreds of innocent people because their too cowardly to fight people with guns. Lets not forget that Palestinians were (several times) given the chance for their own state. But no, muslim countrys only wanted Israel destroyed, no compromise. So what did they do? Launch several wars of aggression against Israel (which they lost miserably)
Somalia: Encouragement of the west? WTF is that? Radical muslims take over another country and its with the support of the west? Give me some of that shit your smokin pal.

In all these instances, the conflicts were started by MUSLIM aggression. Beginning to see a pattern here or are you too dense to comprehend?

Adam said...

For further pattern recognition strategies see:


It has quite a comprehensive list of terrorist attacks which may have something to do with why an increasing number of people have a negative view of Islam.

Videos like this one also might have contributed.


Just throwing that out there.

Anonymous said...


Those radical Muslim terrorists were once nurtured by the CIA.Bet you forgot that did'ny u?I guess it is OK as long as they are your SOBs not someone else's.

And talking of dense,you seem to conveniently ignore the fact that it is Israel that has been illegally occupying Palestine for nearly 60 years.

What The IDF did in Israel was horrendous.A war crime most certainly, killing innocent civilians and bombing civilian areas.You are equally complicit if you support their genocidal actions.

Chechnya has been brutally and illegally occupied by the Russians.They have committed atrocities that have been well documented.How do you justify that?

Somalia's internal problems are their own.It does not mean that Ethiopia can invade it.

Do some research before putting your credibility at stake.

functional nomad said...

In your rush to antagonize each other, you've forgotten that Canadian muslims are different from others -- and are not responsible for the actions of other countries. If a Christian nation behaves badly, do we single out Christian Canadians and ask them to account for their faith? Hitler had the support of the church, don't forget, before he didn't need it.

Canadians are not responsible for the tragedies of the world. Don't forget that, and don't forget that we are living in an extremely peaceful society in which the antagonisms of the world are not welcome.