Wednesday, October 15, 2008

US Presidential Debate 3 - Live Blogging

8.53 pm - CNN gathers their focus group - another bunch of idiots undecided voters. How can ANY one be undecided at this time?

8.55 pm - Boy, this election is still dragging on. Our election was up and running much later and was done and dusted by yesterday.

8.58 pm - Another older moderator. Where are the hot young newsreader women?

9.01 pm - Breaking news - McCain shakes hand with "that" one.

9.03 pm - McCain says it's good to see you Bob. And then he turns and says "Senator Obama". And that's it.

9.05 pm - "The fundamentals of the economy are weak." Says Obama. The question was WHY is your plan better than his, not WHAT is your plan. As like before, no one answers the question. Obama again says "Senator McCain and I agree ..."

9.08 pm - McCain talks about some Joe that Obama met. Joe the Plumber - that's the name. Can you get any more generic than that?

9.09 pm - McCain: "Senator Obama will raise taxes." Obama: "He will cut taxes for oil companies." Rinse, repeat. I wonder why McCain brings this up - it just gives Obama a chance to state his plan again.

9.11 pm - McCain brings up the tax plan again. Joe the Plumber. I am sure he has a point but he is struggling to make it.

9.13 pm - NOW McCain brings his point, comparing tax rates between Ireland and USA. Just as he is making his point, the moderator shifts the topic. Poor luck!

9.15 pm - "Borrowing money from China to send to Saudi Arabia" is how Obama describes the current energy policy of USA. I like it.

9.18 pm - Again, I am wondering how such a projector in a planetarium can cost $3 million?

9.21 pm - "Senator Obama, I am not Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run 4 years ago." With that, McCain scores the first zinger of the evening.

9.24 pm - "If I am mistaking you for Bush it's because you agree with him most of the time, and propose another 8 years of the same!" Obama responds. Meh.

9.25 pm - The moderator asks the men to say face to face what their campaigns have told everyone. This should be interesting.

9.30 pm - You said I was bad, no you did! No you did! Nah nah nah ...

9.32 pm - McCain somehow schools Obama after being schooled. It's a funny thing this - McCain looks grumpy but somehow manages to get a zinger or two.

9.37 pm - Obama's strategy seems to be to get McCain to make accusations so he can refute them on national TV. It works because he doesn't get to "lose the debate", get time on TV and serves McCain no good.

9.41 pm - Joe Biden vs Sarah Palin. Who do you think is better? Gee, that's a tough one.

9.45 pm - Obama tears down McCain's support of spending freeze while spending on autism. McCain tears down Joe Biden.

9.47 pm - Zzzzz .. wait! They mentioned Canada!

Obama: "Oh yes, when Obama said he would renegotiate NAFTA the Canadians (that's us, wave!) said we would sell our oil to China." Hmm, I don't remember that.

9.51 pm - Obama gives a solid reply. Lot of facts, few nuances. My union buddy would love Obama's response. Full of protectionism. In this, I am with McCain. If Obama wants to renegotiate NAFTA, we got two words. "Softwood lumber".

9.54 pm - Somehow I think this debate is going McCain's way just because Obama is not attacking him.

9.55 pm - McCain: "Obama doesn't wanna free trade with our best ally while sit across the table with our worst enemy". Zing!

9.59 pm - Please explain your health plans.

Obama: If you got health coverage plan keep it. If you don't, take mine!

McCain: Go to Canada.

10.03 pm - Obama tears apart McCain's health plan. McCain talks to Joe the Plumber again. Maybe Obama can pick Florence the Nurse?

10.06 pm - McCain thinks he has zinged Obama on the health plan but Obama simply picks apart his argument without making a sweat.

10.08 pm - Roe v Wade. To their credit, both candidates state their positions on abortion clearly, unlike Kerry last time who waffled. Again, I am surprised at how progressive Canada is compared to the States.

PS. McCain is pro-life? Since when? 2007?

10.15 pm - Abortion. Abortion. Yawn. Thankfully the moderator aborts the discussion.

10.16 pm - I am just waiting for the debate to be over. This debate has been very engaging and boring. Somehow this is possible.

10.19 pm - How do you educate young Americans? By boring them to death, apparently.

10.21 pm - The undecided voters think both are speaking well.

Obama: "The fact of the matter is ..."

McCain: "We need to ... we need to ..."

10.23 pm - McCain: "Bush wanted to fix the problem - "No child left behind" - but he messed it up so you need me to fix it."

10.27 pm - Hurray, closing statements.

10.28 pm - McCain: "We cannot afford 8 years of the same - huh? - I fight every body, their party, my party, myself (from 2006) ... there's a long line of McCains who served the USA, and I wanna serve again."

10.29 pm - Obama: "The sky is falling, the economy is down, the end times are here. So we can NOT have the last 8 years again. I am change you need. Tax cuts. Health care. Jobs. Higher wages. Ponies for every body."

Verdict: Meh.

I think Obama came out ahead because he didn't lose. Or, as McCain told him when he shook his hand again, "Good job".

PS. Did Michelle Obama gain weight?

PS. Michelle looks hot.


Anonymous said...

true dat buddy... michelle's hot and fiesty :P yummmmm


mezba said...

lol, ya.

Ali said...

Hahaha is there a correlation :
"gained weight"= "looks hot" ?

mezba said...

I don't know, Ali, but it looks like she gained weight in the right places haha.