Tuesday, October 07, 2008

US Presidential Debate 2 - Live Blogging

8.53 pm - 'Perception analyzer' - probably the most over-hyped product on CNN.

9.01 pm - wow, just had a look at the moderator. Apparently John McCain won't be the oldest fossil on stage!

9.04 pm - "A lot of you are worried," says Obama. "This is the fault of Bush and McCain." All this in answer to what he would do. And then he talks some talking points.

9.06 pm - "Senator Obama, good to be with you here tonight." McCain says. First lie of the evening.

9.10 pm - Who would you appoint as Secretary of Treasury? Both Obama and McCain gave the same answer - "Warren Buffet". But Obama didn't say this time "Senator McCain is absolutely right."

9.11 pm - Ouch! Obama just says "Senator McCain is right we have to stabilize blah blah..."

9.12 pm - "Senator Obama and his cronies ..." Oh my, that's low, McCain. Low!

9.16 pm - Very good, polished, dare I say, presidential reply to McCain's charge. He is continuing his cool demeanor from the first debate.

9.19 pm - "There's blame on both sides but it's all George Bush McCain's fault." Obama should be a lawyer.

WHAT is a "net spending cut"?

9.21 pm - I can't focus on what McCain is saying, as he keeps moving around too much. I notice Obama stands at one spot. McCain goes attacking Obama now. Boy is he nasty.

9.26 pm - What will you prioritize? McCain says everything and Obama lists them in order. And who says who doesn't have a plan?

I am reminded of Dion's statement "Do you think it's easy to make priorities?"

9.29 pm - McCain brings up a Chicago projector again. "We have to have a spending freeze." And then he says "defense". "We are not rifle shots, we are Americans."

9.30 pm - Obama is now for offshore drilling. He then tells everyone to be green. Seems to have looked up Dion's Green Shift.

9.33 pm - Obama is doing a Clinton, bringing up normal, every day examples. Teacher living in a budget, CEO = bad guy and so on. "McCain wants to use a hatchet to cut the federal budget while I want to use a scapel."

9.35 pm - "Obama is Jello", says McCain. What?

9.40 pm - Wow, Obama is on fire. McCain is king of bad jokes.

9.41 pm - McCain's solution to everything: We gotta seat down at the table and reach across the aisle ...

9.44 pm - McCain: "Senator Obama wants nuclear power that is safe. Haha, chicken! I have been on navy ships that are nuclear powered. It's safe!"

I am paraphrasing of course. Not!

9.46 pm - Again, Obama points out there is something he and McCain agree on. But this it's a dig on him.

9.48 pm - McCain: Obama voted for a bill with goodies. I voted against. Actually he doesn't even say "Senator Obama". He says "that man". Wow, low. *UPDATE* it looks like he said "that one", not "that man" (as per the comments). Even lower!

9.50 pm - Obama gets a question on healthcare. This should be a softball. "We have a moral commitment to do something." Obama then gives a step by step plan. Any bets McCain will say "my friends" and "we have to work across the aisle"?

"What one hand giveth the other hand taketh away" is how Obama describes McCain's health plan.

9.54 pm - "We have to give Americans choice, not mandate healthcare." That's McCain's take. He didn't even mention reaching across the aisle. *Sniff*

9.56 pm - Obama brings up his mother and her cancer death bed. *sniff*

I have to say again Obama is on fire. He countering charges effectively and he sounds more genuine.

"Did we hear the fine?" McCain's bad joke #3.

10.00 pm - McCain gets his own softball, a question about US army deployments as a peacemaker. McCain shines on this, saying he opposed Lebanon and so on.

"Short career" and "on the job training" is how McCain characterizes Obama.

Obama sidesteps the surge smear and deftly maneuver Iraq as McCain's bad judgment.

10.06 pm - "If we don't act (when there's genocide and ethnic cleansing) it diminishes us." Obama doctrine.

10.07 pm - "I know US military situations. I have been here all my life. I know what to do." McCain doctrine.

10.09 pm - Obama is asked a question on Pakistan. He should be able to clear this without any problem.

"Pakistan is the Central front on the war on terrorism." I am guessing some of my Pakistani friends supporting Obama must be thrilled.

10.12 pm - "... same strategy that succeeded in Iraq ..." says McCain. A strategy that succeeded in Iraq?

10.13 pm - "If he gets a follow-up I want a follow-up" McCain rants. He is justified but looks petty. Unfortunately.

10.15 pm - McCain repeats "I know what is it like to handle young Marines". Sounds dirty!

"I am not going to telegraph my punches." McCain gets a good joke finally. And then, "I have been a military person."

10.17 pm - Amazingly, Obama is schooling McCain on foreign policy. McCain repeats "General Patreaus." He must be McCain's favorite general.

Finally McCain says "Obama is correct in ..."

10.20 pm - "We have got to show moral support for Georgia." This is McCain's home turf, and he speaks correctly and convincingly on the Russian threat.

Obama: "We have to see around the corners. I put out a statement last blah blah ..."

"We tend to be reactive." Obama again brings up Iraq.

10.24 pm - "Is Russia an evil empire? Yes or no?"

Obama gives a long winded reply.

McCain: "Maybe!"

Haha, second good joke of the day. Then he says the same thing as Obama but it is funnier.

10.28 pm - Mandatory Israel question. Mandatory Israel rah rah from both the candidates. McCain gives the more passionate reply. Obama has the more explanatory one.

10.31 pm - "What don't you know and how will you rectify that" is the question.

"Ask my wife," says Obama, to great laughter. It's a great funny line.

"It's never the challenges that you expect it's those that you never thought of".

10.33 pm - "What I don't know is what is the unexpected", is McCain's response. Boooo-ring.

However, a great closing line. "Put my country first."

Verdict: I give this debate to Obama hands down.


Anonymous said...

One correction at 9:48.

McCain actually said "That One" (not Man). So it is arguably more of a snarky slam than you thought.

It didn't bother me too much, but apparently many are responding to it as condescending - viewers and analysts.

What I found interesting - they DID NOT shake hands.

They really do not like each other, or their wives for that matter.

Obama shook hands with Cindy McCain. Period. Brief warmth then awkward turn-away. I think Cindy wanted to wash. Obama just looked relieved at having gotten past it. McCain then ignored Obama and Michelle completely. Moving on. I think he uttered "terrorist" under his breath.

Most interesting interaction in the debate ; ).

tee dimensionist said...

Lol, you're funny! Thanks for doing this!
I think I heard McCain refer to Obama as 'that one' and not 'that man' when he mentioned the goodies bill. Now that was really low.

mezba said...

Updated my post to reflect 'that one' and not 'that man'. Wow, those two now really hate each other.

I always thought McCain was a decent man but now it seems it was all a charade. This is one nasty old man.

I am sorry but only one man looked presidential on that stage last night!

Ali said...

I just saw the video with "that one" comment, how awful and arrogant of the old fart.

mezba said...

Well, Ali, this from the same party that believes a report that says Palin abused her power "vindicates" her! And there are actually a vast amount of people who believe this... sometimes you just gotta shake your head.

Nabeel said...

The republican tactics are surely pathetic .. but given that half of America is dumb (borderline stupid in a fanatic way) .. the race is close.

mezba said...

it sure is depressing that 17% of Americans still believe Bush is doing a good job.