Friday, September 12, 2008

Harper in Favour of Selling off Canada's Natural Resources?

Dion is missing doing one thing this election.

Setting the agenda by announcing new policies.

Today, however, Harper has offered him a golden chance.

Harper would relax foreign ownership rules

Even though it's a Friday, we must get on this and be all over Harper immediately.

Do we really want more of our natural resources in the hands of the Chinese, Indians and Americans?

Already, most Canadian businesses know the routine - have a great idea, run a great business, and then when you reach a critical mass, be bought by a larger American company.

Our mines and mineral wealth are eagerly eyed by the growing Chinese, and our water and energy always precious to the Americans. Kissinger once famously said, "What is ours is ours. What is theirs is negotiable."

And to that type of mindset, WHY do we need to make ourselves easier to sell?


Anonymous said...

Crazy. crazy, crazy .What is the matter with Harper? He is scary..why does everyone want him back..He is absolutely the worst PM this country has had.

mezba said...

I believe he is being true to his market policy ideals that lets market forces decide what's good for everyone. Which is bollocks when it comes to really small collection of really big players (our oil prices, anyone?).