Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stephen Harper - Shame On You

Today Stephen Harper has proved himself to be a man without class. I am ashamed to have such a man as Prime Minister.

Despite all the politics that politicians play - there were unwritten laws that you do not harm the family of parliamentarians, you do not drag them into the fray.

Harper has consistently proved that he will sink to any low if he thinks it will help him. During the election three years ago he called Paul Martin a child pornography supporter (or something like it). Today, he was engaged in a drive-by smear on the family of a Sikh Member of Parliament, based on an unproven story of a tabloid newspaper, with neither the accused present to defend himself, nor the allegations proven in any court of law.

As such, Harper has shown himself to be below the dignity of the chair he now occupies. When the next election comes, I want this moment to be played again and again in all the immigrant communities that Harper will no doubt try to court. No wonder we immigrants see the Conservatives as a party of racists, bigots and old farts.

Gloves Come Off - The Star


Tory@York said...

Yeah, well too bad you wont be able to play it over and over again, since the Liberals shouted him down with their pre-scripted faux outrage calls of shame before he actually said anything. Doesnt make a good soundbite to attack Harper with.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder who leaked this to the media - Harper?

mezba said...

Tory@York: Unlike the Harpoons, Dion is about policy and principal, not low-blow attacks.

Anon: I don't know, but wouldn't surprise me.

shim said...

I'm a Dion supporter, and I disagree with almost all of Harper's policies.

But come on, this is how politics is played.

The Liberals need to man up and stop demanding wussy apologies.

Politics is a dirty game, it always has been. If Dion can't handle it, then he shouldn't be our leader.