Sunday, February 18, 2007

Iraq - What A Mess

This picture sums up my mood on Iraq perfectly. It's time for Conservatives to admit - Iraq was better off under Saddam Hussein. Every day I open the paper or read the news I hear about people being killed in Iraq - and it's in double digits.

People are dying there. Every day. By the dozens. Others, hundreds of them, now lie injured or permanently disabled. Under Saddam, people had security. As long as you didn't say anything against him, you were fine.

I lived through a dictatorship (UAE). It's not as bad as people think. It's stupid to hear people who have never been outside of their city telling me what's good for a place thousands of miles away.

It's also time to remember that Stephen Harper was in favor of the Iraq war. If it was up to him, Canadian soldiers would now be dying in Iraq.


knb said...

As long as you didn't say anything against him, you were fine.

While I don't think anyone would choose to live like that, it must be said that life was easier then.

I can't help thinking that many people in that country must be suffering with psychological disorders. Imagine living life one day, the next day not. Everything you knew to be true, gone.

SDC said...

At least Hitler and Mussolini made the trains run on time, and they'd throw bums and criminals (well, OFFICIAL criminals) in jail, too ;)

mezba said...

knb: I think you are sadly right. People now live day to day, not knowing if their family would be targetted tomorrow.

SDC: Real mature. The second world war is long over. And Saddam was no Hitler.