Friday, December 08, 2006

Orchard's Importance In Dion's Liberals?

Read an interesting article in the StarPheonix on the role of David Orchard in the victory of Dion at the recent Liberal convention. A few interesting excerpts.

If delivering support to the winning candidate means anything in politics, then David Orchard's star must surely be on the rise in the Liberal party. The longtime critic of free trade, two-time candidate for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party and new Liberal can be credited for playing a significant role in Stephane Dion's rise to the Liberal leadership.


In fact, every Dion delegate from Saskatchewan but one was part of the Orchard camp.


There were many reasons why Dion won, but he obviously would not have had the horses to overtake Kennedy without Orchard's support.


This turn of events raises some very interesting questions about Orchard's future. There's no doubt he intends to remain active in Liberal politics, and there are a number of issues he intends to press.


Should he decide to run for the Liberals and actually win a seat, he might even have a shot at a cabinet post.

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Joan Tintor said...

"Whether it's the Conservatives' efforts to undermine the wheat board, or Vellacott's "whole-hearted support for the bombing of Lebanon," Orchard says his current MP leaves plenty to be desired."

Hmm . . . and how does Orchard square this with the Liberals' whole-hearted bombing of Serbia in 1999? Maybe someone should ask him. On the other hand, never mind. You Liberals are welcome to him.

mezba said...

As far as I know, Joan, Orchard was against the bombing and invasion of Serbia. I know because a Serbian colleague of mine got a call from David Orchard once when he was recruiting members for his grassroots organization and this was the position stated, as far as I know.

Personally I am glad Milosevich got ousted - he was involved in genocide and ethnic cleansing and the only thing sad was that he escaped justice in this world.

Anonymous said...

You will be wishing otherwise the day David O knocks out Vellacott to become the newest Liberal MP from Saskatchewan.
Your MP from Prince Albert may also be another target.