Monday, December 25, 2006

A Muslim's Merry Christmas

I would like to wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone.

Ten years ago when I landed in Canada from the Middle East I would not have said that. Call it my evolution over the decade I am in Canada but now I realize wishing someone well on their occasion of joy does nothing to diminish what is yours, but only adds to the mosaic that is ours. Yes some people may argue that Jesus (peace be upon him) was not really born on December 25, but you know, ultimately in this instance it's not what is right but what is good. And no one can deny that Christmas is a good time.

Yes, even though I may not celebrate Christmas in the religious sense as having a Christmas tree or going to church (I am a Muslim after all) I do enjoy the festive season. As the days get shorter and darker, as the temperature falls and a sense of gloom descends with the weather that will not falter until March, it's nice to slip into the malls and marvel and the embellished decorations and glitzy lights. It's fantastic to see crowds of people roving around with smiles on their faces. And yes, you can't deny it, people are generally in a better mood in December, and you can't but help being caught up in smiling and being festive - good behavior is infectious. Not to mention all the bargains that can be had.

Add to that all the free food you can eat at various Christmas parties and the sense that you are under no pressure (after all I don't have to buy gifts, look for and decorate a Christmas tree or have a dysfunctional family over for dinner) I would dare to say Muslims have a better time over Christmas than many Christians themselves!

Of course our Eid is coming up shortly (December 31) so there is that pressure to come. Fortunately we have Boxing Day (in Canada) in the middle (December 26) to shop for our gifts.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Chanuakah my Crescent friend.

The joy of the season knows no bounds!

knb said...

Great post mezba.

Though I am not Christian, I was born one, so we celebrate every year. I continue to wish people Merry Christmas, (or if I know what they celebrate, I offer that good wish). For me, it is as you said, the sharing of a celebration, that brings joy. What can be better than sharing joy with others?

I hope you do not find yourself stressed for Eid.

May we all enjoy each other's joy of the season AND notice how they intersect.

Sabrina said...

it's interesting that you brought that up. SO I was walking into my aunt's apartment, and out in the common area, they had stuff haing on the wall saying Felis Navidad/Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah so naturally I was looking for Eid stuff, but there was none. But about 5 yrs ago, in Chicaogo downtown, they had it all, the cross, the crescent and the star of david, and it was a major holiday time, Eid ul Fitr, Christmas and I think something else for the Jews.

Anonymous said...

i respect all religeons all the way its good to respect all religeans, but i am a christian and i celebrate christmas alot...