Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Even More Gruesome Than Haditha

(Remember, from what I understand, Michael Ignatieff supported this Iraq war, while Mr. Harper bemoaned that our solders are not there with our allies.)

This is what we need to guard against as Mr. Harper puts us in a US-style insurgency fight in Afghanistan. It has been said that soldiers placed in unfamiliar situations often react in unpredictable ways, actions they would condemn in 'normal' life they would not hesitate to undertake in a warzone.

Conversely here you don't hear calls from Bill O' Reilly and the like for all Americans to condemn this incident, rather most Americans will hardly know about it, thanks to their impotent media. However when a single allegation is made on a muslim, they hold all 1 billion muslims responsible for this situation.

"After the decision was made to rape the woman, according to the FBI affidavit, three of the soldiers changed out of their uniforms and into dark clothes. One soldier told investigators that Green covered his face with a brown T-shirt. One of the soldiers told investigators he changed clothes so he "wouldn't be seen." The affidavit said that four of the soldiers then grabbed three rifles and a shotgun and headed to the house. The fifth soldier was said to have stayed behind at the checkpoint.

According to the accounts of the two who stood guard, Green went to a back bedroom, closed the door and shot three family members. An Army official said the three were believed to be the woman's mother, father and sister, approximately age 5. "Green came to the bedroom door and told everyone: `I just killed them, all are dead,' " the FBI affidavit said.

Around the same time, the soldier identified as the "known participant" grabbed the young woman -- whose age is believed to have been about 20 -- and threw her to the floor, according to the affidavit. The two soldiers acting as guards told investigators that both Green and the other soldier raped the woman before Green picked up an AK-47 assault rifle he had found at the house and killed her."

[Full Article] it is as disgusting as it sounds

To those that say Canadian soldiers are well trained and 'better' than our American counterparts, I say while that may be true, we cannot prevent such incidents from taking place. Remember Somalia? It may be one bad apple, but it's a stain on our uniform.

The Army should ensure soldiers not be posted in Afghanistan for more than 4-5 months, get regular and long leaves for home, and psychiatric assessment is performed on soldiers on a regular and mandatory basis.

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