Sunday, July 16, 2006

Canada Needlessly Involved

Canada is getting involved in the new Middle East crisis with no parliamentary debate whatsoever [Star], courtesy Bush's new lapdog "Steve". As far as I can remember Canada has always had a balanced view in the conflict, tending to reflect a position in between US and France. Many Liberals such as Jason Cherniak and Shoshana have different point of views than mine. However, this position of Canada on the crisis needs to be debated in Parliament, a fact that seems to be lost on the Conservatives, who debate next to nothing or usually give 6 hours notice. And where is the Opposition when you need them? Even the NDP? If Canada gets needlessly involved, who knows whose apple-cart we could rattle?

Update: US blogger Abu Sinan picks some illuminating Israeli quotes.



Liberal and Proud said...

Liberals and Conservatives agree on some things. One important thing they agree on is the fight against international terrorism.

It has been debated at length in Parliament and all Parties support the terrorist list which includes Hizbollah and Hamas. This list was started under a Liberal Government and we in gthe Liberal Party can be very proud of that fact.

We know who are allies are, we know who share our values of democracy, an independant judiciary a free press, women's rights, rights of gays and lesbians.

Liberals like SB and Jason reflect the mainstream view in the Party. They lead the charge now but have the support of the vast majority.

Hizbollah attacked Israel from a terroritory not under any occupation by Israel. They now suffer the consequences.

kris said...

CBC: "Ottawa is sending in commercial vessels to help any Canadian citizen who wishes to leave Lebanon, MacKay said."

Let's just hope that these ships are not attacked, or we'll be involved deeper than Harper's unfortunate words.

mezba said...

Liberal and Proud:

First, regardless of who is right, I do not want Canada to be involved or take sides, as it is not my war as a Canadian.

Second, Resistance to occupation is not terrorism, then George Washington would have been labelled as a terrorist. Liberals NEVER added certain parties to the terrorist list (such as the LTTE), it was the Conservatives.

Third, it was Paul Martin's Liberals who added certain resistance groups in middle east to the list (and Paul Martin was to the right of the party, a man I could not support and have posted against previously).

The funniest thing you posted was women's rights, rights of gays and lesbians.

It may interest you that opposition to gays is one thing different groups in the middle east are united on.

Second, Israeli women who marry Palestinians are not allowed to have their husbands join them unless they are Jewish.

Israel is an apartheid state where all citizens are NOT equal.

Liberals like SB and Jason reflect the mainstream view in the Party.

I think you will be surprised. Even Jason has remarked that Israel's actions do seem over what is necessary.

Lastly, let's not forget how the whole incident started.

Read this link with an open mind.

Israel started the whole thing by shelling Gaza beaches and killing innocents.

I hope no one attacks those ships. Harper should have atleast kept silent until any Canadians were out of the area.

A Toronto Liberal said...

Joe Volpe is the only leadership contender that is willing to stand unitied with the Palestinian and Arab Canadians, all the others are caving to the American/Zionist lobby.

wilson61 said...

What about this guy:
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
I think he is at the root of this. He is one scary dude:

Iran Leader: Israel Will Be Annihilated
Apr 14 12:34 PM US/Eastern

SilverWinger said...

Mezba said;
"First, regardless of who is right, I do not want Canada to be involved or take sides, as it is not my war as a Canadian."

It may not be our war as Canadians but it should be our war as human beings.

Larry K. said...

How the whole thing started???
Hizbollah (from an "unoccupied" territory) crossed that border into Israel, killed six soldiers and captured 2, that's how this all started.!

You are wrong about a Jew who marries a Palestinian having to convert. You are lying to your readers.

They can obtain a civil marriage anywhere in the world and be recognized in Israel as husband and wife - over 5,000 such couples are!

Peter in Toronto said...

This is the issue that wins Harper his majority. There is no middle road here. There is no moderate response. Israel withdrew from Lebanon 6 years ago, Hezbollah sets up shop to launch attacks from inside Lebanon, Israel pulled out of Gaza and used Israeli soldiers on Israeli settlers only to have Hamas set up another shop and launch attacks from Gaza...I'm not sure what your missing?? No matter what Israel gives, it will never be enough, not until they are driven into the sea will Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria be happy..and I'm not sure why this is so hard for people to see. Not until Israel is destroyed will there be peace in the Middle East. So, it may be hard for alot of people to do, but the finality of this crisis will be based on picking sides, as ugly as that is, it is the only way. I choose a western democratic state that believes in human rights, the right to choose a religion, the right to be homosexual, the right to be educated....its that simple.

Liberal and Proud said...


There is a Gay Pride parade every year in Israel. The community thrives in Tel Aviv.

In many Arab countries, if you are Gay and found out you go on trial.

Why not share that little fact with your readers instead of stating falshoods.

mezba said...

Larry K,

Israel denies citizenship to Palestinian men marrying Israeli women. That's a fact, courtesy the Nationality and Entry into Israel Law.

As for how the whole thing started, it started when Israel started to shell Gaza beaches despite 'leaving' them, killing families having a day out.

Peter in Toronto,

Harper wins his majority on the back of support for Israel? Stop kidding yourself. About Hezb "setting up shops" or Hamas "setting up shops as you say", where's the link or news sources you base these conclusions from?

Let's not forget Israel's land grab via the Wall. It's not even on Israeli territory, it's on Palestenian lands.

Liberal and Proud,

Ask any gay if he would be gay in Tel Aviv or gay in Toronto. Orthodox Jewish parliamentary parties still oppose gay equality. Gay rights in Israel are the most advanced in the middle east.

Israel and Turkey are the only countries in the Middle East where homosexuality between consenting adults in private is not illegal. Turkey as you know is a Muslim country. Israel though still has the sodomy or "buggery" law. Israeli law does not recognize same-sex marriages, but it does grant a common-law marriage status for same-sex domestic partners through numerous high court appeals. However it would be a fallacy to state all of Israel, particularly the settler community (which happens to be orthodox extremists) support gay rights.