Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who's Afraid?

Warren Kinsella and Cerberus both posted a 'We Are Not Afraid' post. I decided to join too, and made up my own 'made-in-Canada' solution (to paraphrase our Minister of Environment).



Loony in LotusLand said...

Mezba I congratulate you for taking a personal stand. Many of your colleagues unfortunately have been sitting on the fence of every issue so long that I certain their brains have become numb. One must actually have a sense of right and wrong to be able to form a conclusion and stick with it.

Cerberus said...

I love the logo. Send it to Warren! Even if he doesn't like good ol' Mel, he'll get a kick out of the logo!

The Infozone said...

Great effort, we have added you to the bloggers list at http://www.theinfozone.net as well as cited your site on our coverage of the story.