Friday, June 09, 2006

Please Protect Us From South Toronto

A Canadian blogger warned today that USA, and in particular the enclave of "South USA", was a breeding ground for "Christian" extremists and that Canada will be under threat as long as passports are not required of all Americans crossing the border.

"South USA, like those parts of Birmingham that are host to the radical homeschooled children who influenced the Oklahoma building attacks and the abortion clinic bombing, has people who adhere to a militant understanding of Christian values," said ---, chairman of the blogging subcommittee, dealing with topics of immigration and border security, noting that USA has a very large North American community.


What I wrote above could be classified as racist. Wrong. Or plain bigotry.

What a moron. Is it that easy to get elected there, wherever that is?


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Marleny said...


Living in Florida i can confirm your or somebody else's fears of fundamentalism in this area.(fear:feeling of disquiet or apprehension) I have lived in Maine and California before but i never felt the fundamentalist impulse being as strong as it is here. Driving for ten miles to work i will encounter no less than 15 churches a day.I'm talking about massive churches that entertain all ages from newborns,teenagers to octogenarians. The new church in this area is scientology It is considered a cult by most. Personally i think it adds a new twist to a stagnant group of religions. Being religious has come to mean in this area that you reject any liberal impulses. Liberal=Satan here! Thanks for a nice blog.