Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Power of Blogs In Kennedy Buzz

Today Ontario's Minister of Education Gerard Kennedy faces an ultimatum - continue in the Ontario cabinet or step down and announce his bid for the leadership of the federal Liberal Party. Whatever decision he takes, one fact is clear. Kennedy was not one of the frontrunners for the position when it became available. Liberal blogs, including some of the big ones, was one of the first of many in the blogosphere to contribute to the buzz around him. No major newspaper did a profile of him before the blogosphere buzz became too huge to ignore. Are we seeing the true power of blogs in shaping public opinion in Canada being realized at last?



s.b. said...

This may be true to a small extent, but I'm ot sure that much.

I liked your last post. Please refer back to it for new comment from me. Sorry I didn't make it earlier.

cs said...

Just a clarification. There was no ultimatum from the premier. That was a media manufactured story.

I think the blogs are only part of the momentum behind Kennedy. Many bloggers are younger and this may reflect some of Kennedy's youth appeal

mezba said...

I think the blogs may have played a major part, however you are right in that most people (bloggers) like Kennedy as he is young.