Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bring Back The Draft And Pray

With the US being overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to forget its other commitments in South Korea, Europe and Asia, one would think the 'bring back the draft' movement would be stronger in US than Canada. However, this week, a columnist in one of Canada's leading newspapers, The Toronto Sun, called for mandatory service in the army for high school graduates. When a reader wrote in a Letter to the Editor to complain, the response was 'Several democracies have mandatory service for youth'.

Yes, I remember reading in the Toronto Star a long time ago that some Liberals were worrying about a conservative shift in Canada. They had pointed to the conservative think-tanks being setup, the various conservative personalities installed in the media, and so on. A parallel was pointed at the conservative movement in the States - when Clinton took over first time, the momentum was with the left. Even after the sex scandal, the right was enraged by voter apathy to the President's antics.

Today, Canada is engaged in a similar battle. In another article on the Toronto Sun, a columnist says the way to solve crimes is prayer. A typical right response. While I have nothing against prayer (and in fact do it five times a day), the government's job is to solve crimes - by crime fighting methods - not by prayer. To solve the problem of crime, they would have to commit sources to prevent crime in the first place (social programs) as well as beef up the punishment. Not just pray. Similarly, when Rachel calls for the draft, she wants it because 'kids nowadays are lazy and fat'. Yes, don't deal with why kids are fat, just put them in the military.

As usual, while the right sounds right, a deeper inspection of the policies will confirm they have no substance.


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