Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Ontario Election 2014 Debate Analysis

I will come out and say it - as an Ontario Liberal party supporter, I was disappointed.

First of all, why is the Premier apologizing for the gas plant relocations? It was put into Parliament and voted by all three parties and all of them AGREED to move the gas plants. It is not a waste of a billion dollars - the government listened to the people and acted on their wishes - the very same accusation that Conservatives allege against the Liberals with respect to windmills, that the Liberals don't listen to the people.

I would have preferred the Premier come out more strongly against Hudak's previous foibles (such as Ontario being a right-to-work province), and against Horwath's opportunism. Hudak, it must not be forgotten, was just a short while ago amenable to the idea of not letting unions enforce the union due - in effect crippling the unions. Premier Wynn should have brought back the specter of Mike Harris and the constant strikes and utter privatization mismanagement that was the hallmark of his era.

As for Horwath, she should have been flat out asked, "What exactly in the budget are you opposed to?" And, as for the Ontario Pension Plan, as the Star points out, Horwath supported it until quite recently. And when did it exactly become a Harper-pension plan?

If I had to pick a winner, I would say Tim Hudak as he was a clear and an effective communicator (despite not answering the jobs question properly). Horwath had some memorable lines.

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