Tuesday, May 10, 2011

3 Reasons Why Canada's Immigration System is Broken

1. When we immigrated there seemed to be a value to speaking either English or French before you immigrated to Canada.

Now it seems there's lots of immigrants here who not only can NOT speaking either of those languages, but have no desire to learn.

Example: If you go to a No Frills in Scarborough, Ontario, for example, the lady behind the fish counter has no idea how to speak English. Ask her a question, she doesn't know how to respond, and will call someone else who also speaks very limited English. You point to the fish, say "small or large pieces" and they cut it for you. And this type of customer experience is now becoming widespread in parts of Toronto.

2. It used to be multiculturalism. Now it's being dominated by a few immigrant groups.

Canada used to be a magnet for immigrants from across the world. Yet now, attend a citizenship ceremony in Toronto, and it's dominated by immigrants from one or two ethnicities. And not only that, these groups seem to go out of their way to not mix with other groups.

Example: You will never see a non-desi working in a desi store, or a non-Chinese worker at a Chinese store. Why?

3. Immigrants are being denied work opportunities and discriminated against daily.

I don't need to link to studies or research here to prove what every immigrant knows is a fact of life.

Why is an engineer serving fast food?

Why is a doctor driving a taxi?

Why is an MBA cleaning rooms?

Canada imports qualified immigrants to do cheap labour, thus robbing the developing countries of their talent pool, while wasting them here. The Canadian boards that govern doctors, engineers, and other "licensed" boards make immigrants run around circles for years in a desperate quest to do what they are adequately trained to do.


WesternGrit said...

Mezba... As a "desi", I do agree with a lot of what you say - particularly in the point about fixing our immigration system and multicultural integration. Our party always led in that charge - and we can do more still.

Much needs to be done. We have begun work on this in the Lower Mainland of BC. I encourage others to begin the work in Ontario, and across Canada.

mezba said...

I hope the Liberal party can focus on jobs and improving situations for immigrants. There's still a lot of support for the party from "ethnic communities"; they are just briefly flirting with the Tories, but we have to work to get them back, and credential recognition and quick path to work force is way to go.