Monday, January 04, 2010

Opposition "Outraged" At Prorogue

Er... except that Michael Ignatieff is somewhere in Europe and Layton is surfing in Belize.



Anonymous said...

which fit perfectly into Harper's little scheme

mezba said...

Part of the blame of why Harper can get away with this has to lie with the Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dion and MPs Gerard Kennedy, Martha Hall-Findlay, Maurizio Bevilacqua, Joe Volpe and Hedy Fry were all given extensions that expired on New Year’s Eve.

“Due to a difficult fundraising environment, including a recession, a general election and constant election speculation, some of the campaigns have indicated they will require more time to repay their debt,” wrote Liberal director of communications Daniel Lauzon in an email.

As Mr. Mayrand is not allowed to grant further extensions, the candidates are left in a difficult position. If they can raise the money, they must now get permission from a judge to pay off their loans. Otherwise, the outstanding debts will be treated as campaign contributions under the law.

Because most of the loans were in five or six figures, the amounts that are converted to “deemed contributions” could be in violation of the Canada Elections Act, which caps donations at $1,100 per contributor per campaign.

mezba said...

And your point being ... ?

Yappa said...

...Well, I imagine that the time of prorogue was chosen in part because Harper knew it would be difficult for them to get back quickly, and he's trying to embarrass them.

It might work out in our favor, though. The public outrage has been able to develop on its own. Plus, Ignatieff and Dion can do some serious planning.

But they better be using this time to plan some good leadership on this. We need their leadership.

mezba said...

I hope they can harness that outrage properly. They also need to present an attractive vision of Canada of their own.