Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What is Ignatieff's stance on Galloway?

What is Mr Ignatieff's stance on Galloway?

Mr Ignatieff is an unelected (by rank and file Liberals) leader.

He supported the Iraq war (initially).

We have had no debate on his positions and views of Canada as leader of the Liberal party post-Dion.

As a Liberal, I deserve to know where Mr Ignatieff stands on issues important to Liberals. Issues like freedom of speech, justice and peace.

Mr Galloway is clearly no security threat to Canada. In fact, he is in the USA right now speaking.

Will he be allowed to do so in Canada? Will Mr Ignatieff do the right thing and work to overturn this ban? Or at least speak out against it, as the NDP has done?


Anonymous said...

Iggy made a statement two days about this. He says he doesnt support what Galloway has to say, but he supports his right to say it, and said that it is outrageous if Immigration officials are blocking him from coming to Canada.

KNB said...

He did speak to the issue when asked.

mezba said...

Anon: Do you have a source for this?

KNB: Thanks for the link.

I disagree that this clearly gives Ignatieff's stance. To me, this is an example of dual speak. Mr Ignatieff CLEARLY knows there is no security threat (otherwise HOW could he have been allowed to enter USA). He should have pointed it out.

He should also have made clear that he supports Galloway's right to enter Canada. Even the Toronto star said to ban Galloway is foolish and clumsy.

Anonymous said...

He is banned because he personally gave money to Hamas, which is a terrorist organization in Canada. Doing so is against Canadian immigration law.

Now you understand?

mezba said...

Anon: He gave an aid to the Gaza people. I don't like debating with people who are too timid to leave their name behind but even Israel let him in!!!

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear here - the Liberals under Ignatieff will anything to appease the Israeli lobby.

Ignatieff gave a non-answer, one that makes it look like he took a stance while absolutely being a weasel. The Liberals will coward and not raise the issue because the great Iggy has spoken...

What Galloway did was bring Food and relief to Gaza. Somehow in Canada this equals supporting terrorists...
Let's not forget the the destruction in Gaza was sanctified by the Liberal party. The IDF are proud of acting like butcher and war criminals it would seem by story coming out (targeting civilians, boasting of kills and rapes?)

So now, and AID CONVOY is considered supporting terrorism and Canadian Sheeple follow suit because the Conservatives say it is couple by the Liberals.

The Liberals don't have any moral stance anymore. I'm truly disgusted by the rang and file that are defending Iggy on this. We (Liberals) used to mock the outrages of the Right in the US and Conservatives only to follow suit with what is tortured logic and a denial of the facts because Iggy says so...

mezba said...

CherniakWTF: In my opinion, banning Galloway was a pure political decision by the Harper government because he articulates a world view they don't share.

This decision was made to appease a certain lobby (it looks like) and shame on Ignatieff for not properly denouncing it.

Anonymous said...

Now Egypt has banned Galloway.

Perhaps they are just zionist loving pigs too.