Friday, August 03, 2007

Canadian Punjabi Newspapers Running "Abortion" Ads

I first heard of this news story from Michael Coren today on CFRB.
Evidence suggests that ultrasound ads may be targeting Indo-Canadian groups to determine the sex of their unborn babies, which in turn may lead to abortions based on sex-selection, as is happening in numerous countries throughout the world.
So far the given news link is the only source I can find to verify Coren.

Personally my belief on abortion is coloured by my religion (OK in first four months under some circumstances - detailed analysis here), but I wonder how can we really be shocked that this gender-selected abortion is now not only occurring in Canada, but is paid for by tax payers too!

I don't care about multi culturalism - getting an ultra sound done to determine if the baby is a girl and then having an abortion if it's a female is wrong. I wonder how all the proponents of those who strictly believe in a woman's right to have an abortion can justify killing that woman in the first place itself.

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mezba said...

I actually wrote on India's gender infanticide problem some days ago on a religious blog; I rephrased a couple of the links here in the post. I think abortion should not be covered by OHIP and the like.

SUZANNE said...

How feminists justify sex-selection abortion. The pro-choice ideology is that women ALWAYS know what's best for them. You cannot coax women out of an abortion decision because you have a moral qualm about it. Doing so puts you in the "anti-choice" crowd. Just look at the way the feminist crowd skewered Elizabeth May because she said some abortions were frivolous, even if she has absolutely no intention of restricting it.

It only makes sense from a public policy perspective to ban sex selection abortion. Look at China's and India's skewed sex ratio and the social disruption it causes.

mezba said...

The thing is Suzanne, I can't really force my religious / moral values on someone else so if some women wants to have an abortion I really cannot restrict it.

But something about aborting a fetus just because it's a girl sounds barbaric and medieval to me. And not only that, we taxpayers are funding it too!

SUZANNE said...

They impose their values on society. Society has to live with the consequences of a lop-sided sex-ratio. In China and India, kidnapping women for wives is not uncommon. But if society has to suffer because of sex selection, well too darn bad!

Roop Rai said...

how can we really be shocked that this gender-selected abortion is now not only occurring in Canada, but is paid for by tax payers too!

so truee!!

Anonymous said...

abortion is bad, however in some circumstances it can save lives. In some circumstances a female can be killed for being with-child.
What is the greater moral? Abort or die?
You cant paint all females who choose to abort with the same brush - its not a convenience for all.

mezba said...

It's time Canadians as a whole looked into this and said multiculturalism is fine - but this has to stop. Certain parties protect their block voters.