Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Little Blog Post On the Little Mosque

I loved the show.

As a Muslim it is a great feeling to have a show where the focus is on normal Muslims. Not the evil bad Muslim terrorist. Not the token patriotic Muslim. Not the token translator. Not the harem dancer.

Normal, everyday Muslims facing normal everyday issues.

Kudos to CBC. Kudos to Canada.

As for the show itself, while not laugh out funny, it was warm, cosy and left a hard-to-suppress giggle throughout. I actually found myself wishing it wouldn't end, and felt a pang of disappointment when 9 pm appeared. It did have a couple of really hilarious moments (the dead body in the laundry, the 'you do not choose which country we deport you to', to mention a few). I see myself buying the DVD for the set when it comes out. I hope they can contain to keep it fresh and tackle some issues while at it.

If anyone has any questions about an Islamic aspect of the show they did not understand, you can always email me/comment here..


Werner Patels said...

I have not seen it yet (I recorded it last night), but I am looking forward to it. I have heard so many good things.

I also agree with you that showing Muslim Canadians in a normal and positive light is good.

Unfortunately, it's always the bad things that get most publicity (e.g., American media usually only mention Canada when there's something negative to report, like a disaster or political corruption).

I am glad to see that over 2 million people watched it on CBC last night—a phenomenal result for CanCon.

Let's hope they'll keep it on the air and produce season after season.

Jason Bo Green said...

For me personally, this show was the last chance I was willing to give the CBC - I'm now, alas, on-side with conservatives who want it axed. Me, I don't want it cut out dead - but it should stick to news and information, and get out of entertainment.

I hated this show, with a passion -- it's tough to see yet another concept ruined by total, incompetent mismanagement. When there are Muslim comics in NYC trying to get an Islamic or Arabic or both version of The Cosby Show on, but can't, while Canada throws one on the air this casually - I'm pleased. But come on - Canada, and Muslims, deserves better. It's not Fawlty Towers or I Love Lucy or Bob Newhart. It's mediocrity, nothing more.

Any serious, focused network executive would have bought the concept, retained the creator as an associate producer, and then kept her off the the writing staff - all while cultivating a stable of top-notch comedy writers to make this show work.

The initial concept, ie. "Muslims in rural Canada", and the title, are fun, and workable. The final product was dismal - the typical result of poor CBC-style writing, and some terrible casting (alongside some outstanding casting, of course).

I'd've been really excited if this show had been great, but it was garbage. Most sitcoms start out mediocre before finding their legs, true - but I can't recall a worse pilot (that made it to air) than LMOTP's.

I hope it can improve and become great - that would be wonderful. But based on the talent pool's final result on Tuesday evening, I'm not laying any bets.

Which is a shame, because it could have been great.

Jason Bo Green said...

You know, it occurred to me later on in the day -- someone was telling me just last week that his girlfriend forced him at near gun-point to watch Queer As Folk, and he just *hated* it. But, by the time it got to Season Four, he thought it was outstanding, and became really involved in the storylines and characters.

So hey, maybe the same thing will happen here, with Little Mosque On The Prairie.

sabrina said...

I resonate the feelings about the show (thanks to youtube). HOwever, one things just made it SO clear that it was a TV show, somewhat away from reality:
the Imam flirting with the Rayyan.. I thought the unrealistic scenario was absolutely hilarious...