Friday, August 04, 2006

Divisive Politics From Harper

"I understand that not everyone is lucky enough to be born into a rich family, to attend private schools, or to live an international lifestyle," he said. "Instead, millions upon millions of people wake up each and every morning, and get ahead the Canadian way. By working hard, by saving a bit of money, by doing the best they can to make the right decisions for themselves and their families, these people are our people." - Stephen Harper's address to members of his caucus and invited constituents in Cornwall, Ontario.

This type of us versus you is crass politics at best, and at worst class warfare. We shouldn't be surprised. We have seen similar divide-and-smear attacks from conservatives in the past. We should be above this way of politics where we divide and include certain groups and exclude others. My Liberal Canada is inclusive of ALL Canadians. It is progressive. Is it no wonder that it is only in the Liberal party that we have religious candidates with strong views of homosexuality campaign along with gay candidates? It's because we don't play divisive politics, unlike others.

'Real' Canadians versus 'fake' Canadians.

Good Women versus Ambitious Women

'True' Marriage versus 'Fake' Marriage

'The West Wants In' versus 'a culture of defeatism'

Those Who Drink Tim Hortons vs Starbucks (ohh...).

And many others.

h/t Red Tory, HarperBizarro.



wilson61 said...

''My Liberal Canada is inclusive of ALL Canadians. It is progressive.''

Except for those who are
Those people are scary, right?

Crescent Canuck said...

Read Liblogs posts. Many liberals are adamant Israeli supporters.
anti-abortion, anti SSM
look up Tam Wappel and other Scarborough liberals, or even Brampton liberals.

Kyle Carruthers said...

Im not so opposed to "class warfare". I dont see anything wrong with pointing out how tough poor people (particularly poor kids) have it.

Whats mindboggling however, is hearing CONSERVATIVES trying to use it against LIBERALS. It is CONSERVATIVES that would make those class divisions more stark with their policies.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

He was taking a shot at Iggy. *Sigh*

Red Tory said...

Class warfare should be taken off the table altogether. It's stupid and irrelevant. Yes, this seeems to have been a shot at Ignatieff but there are broader implications in what Harper was saying and dividing people this way is a despicable form of politics.

burlivespipe said...

yeh, and lets make sure we can point out who's policies are failing middle to low income Canadians. The 1% gst cut? barely noticeable unless you can afford the big ticket items -- which is a once in 6-10 year event for the above, not every year or so for Harpor's best pals. Raising taxes? That was direct hit on working poor and middle class. Scrapping all programs on environmental improvements, including kyoto -- well the rich can always move to bermuda, while the rest of us will keep choking on it... Kelowna accord? that was directed at one of the poorest communities in Canada, and to shelve it, despite the wide support it had from provincial and first nation leaders, is astonishing, unless you've read Harpor's guru Tommy Flanagan.
Oh and Harpor's upbringing? Upper middleclass, which certainly couldn't preclude being a caring, honest governer... but we've seen the real picture show on this clown.

Crescent Canuck said...

What I want to know is, other than a brief stint as a programmer, has Harper ever had a real job in his life, like ordinary Canadians? He was mostly a masters student or assistant to some policy wonk, was he not?

ottlib said...

Crescent Canuck:

Stephen Harper is a professional political operative.

His whole adult life has been dedicated to pushing forward the political ideology of the "Calgary School" and the National Citizen's Coalition.

Anonymous said...

He's got no connection with the average person. Born in Leaside, never worked hard a day in his life. I work in Leaside, trust me there is 1 Tim Hortons and no coffee time but it has several starbucks and second cups. Townhouses are going in this area for over a million. Glad to see Stevie wasn't born rich.

Crescent Canuck said...

I ofcourse have no way to verify the given information on Harper's working life but it's interesting to know .

CuriosityKilledTheCat said...

Harper's Blackberry leads to Blacklisting ....

How to measure a man: watch what he does when he acquires power. By this measure, what does Harper's action say about him – Lawrence Martin article about Harper, a plane, a pilot, a blackberry and a blacklisting ...

"By way of illustration, on a recent trip, the Prime Minister was asked by a flight attendant to turn off his cellphone and BlackBerry. Mr. Harper declined. The pilot then made a request, saying it was for safety purposes. The PM relented. But, at the end of the journey, one of his staffers gave the pilot some news: His services would no longer be required on prime ministerial trips. The aviator should have known that this is the new Ottawa. In Harpertown, you fall in line or fall from favour."

Crescent Canuck said...

The link for the above story

Fall in line or fall out of favour

by Lawrence Martin posted on 09/08/06

on the Globe and Mail.