Monday, May 29, 2006

The TTC Wildcat Strike

I have just got to work. What is usually a 40 minutes carefree drive listening to my favourite CDs became a nightmare 2 hour drive. Yes, the Toronto Transit Commission, a slow, cumbersome way to travel at the best of times, decided to go on a wildcat strike.

This was an illegal strike. In Canada, when your work contract is up, your union is allowed to on strike if there is no new deal. However, while in the middle of the duration of your contract, you CANNOT go on strike. The transit workers decided to cherry pick an issue and stage a strike. They should all be fired AND jailed.

This is the time for some tough action. In Canada it seems our elected officials have no spine. Aboriginal protestors dig up a road in Caledonia and all the government can do is urge everyone to be nice. The TTC union went on strike because they knew there would be no consequences for their actions, except causing an inconvenience to millions of people (but what do they care). The government should arrest the union leaders, as well as every third driver or worker on strike (since you cannot arrest everyone). And they should stick to their guns and remain firm, and throw those guys in jail for a month or two. And repeat for other illegal strikes.

If they do that, the next time a union decides to hold a city hostage by an illegal strike, they will think again.


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